Content and goals of the DGfMM

  • Promoting science, research and teaching concerning the physiology and pathophysiology of music performance as well as pathological and clinical aspects of physical and psychological diseases in musicians. 

  • Improving preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

  • Emphasizing an interdisciplinary cooperation of those, who participate in the training and professional company of musicians, like instrumental and vocal teachers, occupational scientists, manufacturers of musical instruments, physicians, dentists, psychotherapists, physical therapists, Alexander teachers, Feldenkrais teachers and mediators of other, similar therapies.

  • Extending the close cooperation with performing arts centres, professional orchestras and musical trainee-institutions (music schools, conservatories, music universities) as well as with other performing artists and their institutions.

  • Scientific conferences and symposia on a regular basis.

  • Publication of the practice-orientated scientific journal "Musikphysiologie und Musikermedizin", serving as the Association’s organ.

  • Commitment to scientific-oriented public relations.